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A quick backstory

Gray Beard aka Frank Crockett

I have been facilitating experiential programing for over 30 years with just about every population you can imagine.  Leadership, Teambuilding, personal growth, therapeutically etc…  and the populations being served have ranged from female African/American rights of passage to Corporate America and everything in between.  To this day I can tell you in detail my first time participating in an experiential program at Camp Store in MI when I was 20 years old.  There is truth when Confucius said, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” 

I believe in experience/initiative-based learning.  I believe in the process and have a passion for creating environments for maximum growth and learning. 

And it’s FUN.


My number one strength from the Strength Finders assessment is communication. Communication – you like to explain, to describe, to host, to speak in public, and to write.  This is your communication theme at work. Ideas are dry beginnings. Events are static. You feel a need to bring them to life, to energize them, to make them exciting and vivid. And so you turn events into stories and practice telling them.  Thank you Marcus, I couldn’t have said it better…


Most of my work has been with students – schools, rehab, residential treatment, psych settings, ministry, colleges, sports teams, camps…


I believe in the next generation!  I also am aware that the journey of growth during their teen formative years is challenging, and it seems the challenges are ever so increasing.  Giving students an opportunity to reengineer their

hearts and minds on how they see who they are in the world is critical.