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Basically, workshops look a lot like a “survivor” experience.  Each experience is custom designed to meet the needs of the groups desired direction.  About 60% of the experience is activity driven and about 40% is debriefing/teaching.  Some initiatives can be quiet problem solving challenges and some activities can be intense physical challenges (survivour-ish).   


Because of the nature and style of experiential learning, room to move is part of the equation.  Gyms, multi-purpose room, parking lots, sports fields… make for great leaning environments.  



Ideally 6th Grade to adults. But I have been known to do some 5th grade work as well.

For schools specifically – I have a recommended programming outline starting in 6th grade.


Group size

12 – 130 is ideal.  Groups bigger then 16, I “large group facilitate” by breaking them into smaller groups.


Time needed

Minimum – 1.0 hour (scratching the surface)

Ideal time – 2-4 hours, half day program or 4-8 hours, full day program


Remember – each program is custom designed to meet the needs of the population…time and size of group have a lot to do with goals.


Gray Beard does not desire to be a program in itself. My hope is to aid in the advancement of character educations and prevention programing.  However, I’m available to consult and craft a character/prevention program in your school/organization.


Advanced Experience (field trips and retreats)

Gray Beard has a partnership with a local camp, Camp Chautauqua and their Inspiring Adventures experiential/ropes programs.  For a field trip type experience or retreat experience,  Gray Beard will contract and facilitate an advanced experience with Camp Chautauqua.  Camp is convienietly located in Miamisburg OH. minutes from I 75.  (this has a different cost quote)



These are numbers to work with. They are negotiable, but not much…

1 hour -$250

Half day - $500

Full day - $1000


Basically, depending on the size of your group.  Its about $5 a student, give or take a few dollars.  (A Starbucks coffee…)


*Make sure to check out the support tab about the effort for business sponsorship and your school.