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Most of the Gray Beard programming will be targeting local schools.  The hope is to support character education and prevention programing to address school social and emotional health as well as school climate and culture.


We live in a reactive world vs. a pro-active world.  Gray Beard is all about the pro-active solution to addressing the hearts of kid’s. 

I know kids are going to struggle; the goal is to help them struggle well.


Help make Gray Beard happen in your local school!  Money is needed to pay for…

    -  Gray Beard workshops, $500 will pay for a half-day program

        or $1000 will pay for a fullday.

    -  Pride Shirts

    -  Stickers

    -  Locker magnets (personal goal statements or encouraging quotes)


Why…  help be part of growth and change.


Each parent gets an e-mail / take home paper about what their child will be participating in with Gray Beard.  Included will be an appreciation note to our sponsor for the program contribution.  Your logo and a brief blurb about your company.


 See the contact tab and let us know how you want to help!